“Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.” 

― Paulo Coelho

White wines

Vermentino $ 17.95

Our first release of this bright and fruity Italian grape variety, similar to a European Sauvignon Blanc. Gooseberries, and melon, a wine that goes well with  Pasta Alfredo, Risottos, Seafood and flavorful white meat dishes.

Pinot Grigio $ 16.95    

This is a stainless steel fermented Pinot Grigio with “nose” and flavors of  pears and apples. A wine to  enjoy with appetizers and to accompany  white meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.

Red wines

Toscanello (2008) $ 17.95            

This is a smooth well-balanced Italian style red wine full of ripe red berries and with lingering after taste. It  is aged in  old barrels with only 30% of wine in 1-2 year old American oak. This is a choice wine with savory meat and vegetarian dishes. Excellent with lamb and herb-stuffed pork tenderloin, and of course pastas. 

Sangiovese (2009) $18.95

In this vintage we have blended Sangiovese with 20% Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (also believed to be a Sangiovese variety). This earthy Chianti style wine to have with pastas and grilled meats. Hints of strawberries and blueberries with spicy finish. 

Cabernet Franc (2007) $19.95

A complex  and flavorful wine with hints of black cherries and plums. Enjoy with red meat dishes and hard and blue cheeses. 

Aglianico (2011) $20.95

 Aglianico comes from the  mountains east of Naples and is one of the oldest red grape varieties in production. It is recognized as one of the premier grapes of Italy.  Great with lamb and substantial meats. Excellent with Italian  hard cheeses and salamis.

Corvina (2009) $20.95

These grapes are native to the Valpolicella region around Verona, Lake Garda in northern Italy. The wine is made from a blend fermenting grapes with partially dried grapes increasing the complexity of the wine. It has intense bright fruit flavors and goes well with hearty risottos, polenta with mushrooms and roasted potatos and pork in its own juice (brodo).

Corvina-Amaro (2009) $ 31.95

In this wine all Corvina grapes fermented are partially dried. The wine has hints of port wine,  prunes and raisins , dried cherries. Enjoy with char grilled beef, earthy stews, and best with Gorgonzola after dinner. 

Raspberry Cab $ 15.95

A blend of Cab Franc and Raspberry with a hint of “ sparkle”.


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                               10% of 1 case, 15% off 2 cases, mix or match

Join our wine club.  Buy a case of wine and you are a member.

Benefits: 10% of all lesser wine purchases at the winery in 2014. Second case purchase during the year, 15% off, third case 20% off. Remain in the club each year by purchase of case of wine for 15% off, thereafter 20% off.  Wine Club party in September.